BHS Filtration

Liquid Clarification Systems

Application packages

The strength of BHS is to analyze the process and provide a turnkey solution. The packages for BHS candle filter systems have various designs with solids feed concentration up to 5% and flow rates of to 200 m³/h (880gpm) and higher. Filtrate clarity can be as low as 0.1 microns and below 5 ppm. For example, BHS has installed single candle filter units for multiple units, up to six candle vessels for continuous operation. Some processes require precoat and body feed while others may have activated carbon adsorption included. Finally, BHS has the unique ability to combine our other BHS technologies including candle filter units (CF) with BHS pressure plate filter (PF), indexing belt filter (BF) and rubber belt filters (BFR). Polishing bag and cartridge filters and filter presses can complete the system as required.