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This issue focuses on Continuous-Indexing Vacuum Belt Filters for improved product quality with more efficient washing and drying as compared with conventional vacuum filters. 

photoWelcome to the second issue of 2011. A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems.

I recently attended theAmerican Filtration and Separation Society annual conference in Louisville, KY. One speaker, Mr. Christophe Peuchot of Institute of Filtration in Agen, France and CEO of International Filter Testing Services, IFTS, Inc. in New Jersey, gave a talk entitled “Characterization of Products Prior to Formulating a Solid-Liquid Separation Problem.”  The talk explained how to approach a filtration problem and is abstracted below.  A second white paper article reinforces the need for product analysis and testing specifically related to continuous vacuum filtration.


I hope that you find A&SoF useful and informative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues are very appreciated.  You can now follow A&SoF on Facebook, please visit our page.  If you missed any of the previous issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF, to view them.   We look forward to your continued input.

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Introduction to the Characterization of Products Prior to Formulating a Solid -Liquid Separation Problem: 

Mr. Christophe PEUCHOT is a graduate engineer in Water Sciences and Technologies, has a MS degree in Environmental Engineering and a Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry.  He is the Managing Director of the Institute of Filtration in Agen, France and CEO of International Filter Testing Services, IFTS, Inc. in New Jersey. Christophe is a leading expert in national, European and ISO expert groups drafting standards on liquid contamination control and filter testing. He was appointed project leader for ten of the ISO test standard methods. He has authored more than 50 papers and lectures on liquid filter testing.

The lecture will give a brief overview of solid-liquid separation (SLS) techniques used to obtain liquids with a lower solid content and to concentrate and recover solids in a liquid phase. They are gathered in two families: ones using a porous media within the flow (“filtration”) and others based on the difference between the specific gravities of the solids and their carrying liquid (“sedimentation”).

Few mathematical formulas applied to describe SLS principles and to size equipments will be presented to identify the parameters and characteristics linking the solid, the liquid, their mixture, both diluted and concentrated, and their behavior in “filtration” and in “sedimentation”.

Laboratory techniques applied to quantify intrinsic and behavioral characteristics of solids, liquids and suspensions will be summarized with examples of data reporting. Parameters include viscosity, specific gravity, concentration, particle size and shape, settling velocity, filterability, surface potential, compressibility and several others. Because in many cases each sector of application of SLS techniques has its own practices and needs, a same characteristic may be measured by several methods or instruments.

Attention will then be drawn on the possible difference in values obtained. An overall focus will be offered on the quality and traceability of measurements, including calibration of instruments and validation of measurement methods.

White Paper: “Continuous-Indexing Thin-Cake Vacuum Belt Filters Improve Process Operations by Replacing Conventional Vacuum Filters”

This article discusses the use of the BHS Continuous-Indexing Vacuum Belt Filters as an alternative to manual vacuum nutsche and conventional vacuum pan equipment.  This technology is described as well as the selection process.  The article includes test data and case histories for two applications:   Replacing a Vacuum Pan Table for Micro-Beads and Replacing a Manual Vacuum Nutsche for an Acid Slurry Filtration.   Read the full process solution provided by BHS. 

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