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This issue will focus on Combination Filtration with Mechanical Slurry Conditioning to improve trouble shooting and process optimization.    

photoWelcome to the third issue of 2011.  A&SoF is an e-newsletter, managed by BHS, with its sole purpose to enhance the filtration knowledge of the marketplace to solve actual plant problems.

This issue of A&SoF introduces a new approach to solving process problems called “Combination Filtration.”   This approach relies upon the slurry analysis and testing to uncover the “process symptom” and then develop a process solution called “combination mechanical slurry conditioning and filtration.”  It differs from the traditional approach of using coagulants and flocculants to change the particle characteristics for improved filtration. 

The first paper, abstracted below, discuses conventional “step-down” filtration using primary and secondary cartridge filters. The second paper discusses techniques for actual batch or continuous mechanical slurry conditioning followed by process filtration.  

Finally, BHS-Filtration Inc. and A&SoF is growing again.  Please see the process engineering opportunity described below.Facebook

I hope that you find A&SoF useful and informative. Your comments, ideas and suggestions for future issues are very appreciated.  You can now follow A&SoF on Facebook, please visit our page.  If you missed any of the previous issues, please click on the following link: A&SoF, to view them.   We look forward to your continued input.

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Reduce Costs with Step-Down Filtration

Berg, J.H. and Williams, H., Chemical Engineering, Pages 50-51, September 2011

In this article, the authors discuss step-down filtration as an approach to reduce operating costs and achieve cleaner solutions.  The approach involves a primary or lead filter, such as a 50 micron filter cartridge followed by a second downstream filter chamber to capture finer particles, such as a 5 or 10 micron filter.  The authors state that possible reductions of up to 50% of the overall amount of filter media may be achieved. 


There is a new definition of combination filtration that transcends the standard approach and will assist process engineers with trouble shooting and “idea-generation.”  The approach relies upon the slurry analysis and testing to uncover the “process symptom” and then develop a process solution called “combination mechanical slurry conditioning and filtration.” 

This article discusses slurry testing and process analysis and then illustrates seven (7) case history example installations showing “combination mechanical slurry conditioning and filtration.”  The case histories focus on continuous rotary pressure and vacuum belt filters as well as batch and continuous candle and pressure plate filters.

 Read the full process solution provided by BHS. 

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