BHS Filtration

Chemical Process Applications

BHS technologies cover a broad range of applications in the chemical industry.  BHS conducts benchtop and pilot scale tests to determine the optimum filtration technology.  BHS then completes the process solutions including tanks, pumps, instruments and PLC controls and full skid packages with process piping, wiring, pneumatics, etc.  Typical production applications are listed below.  In addition, for clarification and recovery applications, as described below, the BHS Candle Filter and Pressure Plate Filter are installed.  These can be for replacements of filter presses, Sparkler, Niagara and manual filters as well as downstream of centrifuges and vacuum belt filters for recovery of fines. 

If yours application is not listed, please contact us and let us analyze your process. 


Most dyes and pigments are difficult to filter.  These include pearlescent pigments, silicates, anilines, and others.  High throughputs, maximum washing efficiency including counter-current washing and low residual moisture are achieved with the Rotary Pressure Filter.  The RPF provides for continuous pressure filtration with thin-cake operation.  

Aromatic/terephthalic acids:

The BHS Rotary Pressure Filter or Vacuum belt filter are used to replace centrifuges and rotary vacuum filters.  The filtration technologies provide for improved filtration rates, high efficiency washing with the elimination of reslurry operations and continuous discharge to downstream processes.  The RPF or VBF both are fully contained to eliminate vapors in the process area. 


The BHS Vacuum belt filter is used in many zeolite applications as replacement for filter presses and rotary vacuum filters.  These include industrial zeolites, detergents, cross-linked, refinery and natural/synthetic products.  Similar benefits are realized for alumina, silica and alumina/silicate based carriers. 

Agricultural Chemicals:

Agricultural chemicals can be filtered with pressure or vacuum.  The Rotary Pressure Filter and the Vacuum belt filter can be used depending upon the specific product.  Both technologies provide full containment with organic slurries or toxic solids.  Benchtop testing will determine the optimum cake thickness and filtration operation.

Cellulose Derivatives (including methyl cellulose, carboxyl methyl cellulose and cellulose acetate):

The Rotary Pressure Filter and Vacuum Belt Filter are used for these applications.  The BHS experience ensures that the fibers are not damages during the operations and plugging of the process lines does not occur.  Both technologies replace centrifuges with lower energy usage, low maintenance and improve process efficiencies with counter-current washing.

Industrial Minerals:

These applications include titanium dioxide, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC and GCC), Kaolin, talc, etc.  For these, high purity and low moisture are achieved with the Rotary Pressure Filter and Vacuum belt filter.


The Rotary Pressure Filter and Vacuum Belt Filter provide for high process throughputs and full containment for operator protection.

Metals and Metal Salts:

The Vacuum belt filter is ideally suited for these salts for maximum washing and drying.  Cake pressing at high pressures helps to reduce the residual moisture in the cake.  Applications include aluminum oxide, copper compounds, fluorine salts, nickel compounds, silver compounds, tantalum, titanium, vanadium and zinc compounds. 

Specialty/Fine Chemicals and Acids and Polymers:

The Rotary Pressure Filter and Vacuum Belt Filter are installed depending upon the product parameters including particle size, type and shape of the crystals, etc.  Specialty acids include acetic acid, fluoric acids, spent acids, tungsten acids and similar products.  Benchtop testing in the BHS laboratory will determine the optimum technology.

General Chemical Process Industry (CPI):

BHS has many installations, over 1200 units installed worldwide, for various applications. These include caffeine, calcium and magnesium citrates, cyanide derivatives, hydroxides, stearates, carbonates, sulfates, phosphates, silicates and others.  The Rotary Pressure Filter and Vacuum belt filter are process solutions.

Clarification and Recovery Applications:

The Candle Filter and Pressure Plate Filter are installed for clarification and recovery operations of product fines.  These fines can be from the process reactions, process by-products, generated by upstream equipment such as centrifuges or nutsche filters as well as contaminants for liquid products.  Depending upon the cake structure (vertical or horizontal) and the process parameters, BHS will recommend the correct technology for particles down to 0.5 microns.