BHS Filtration

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BHS Rotary Pressure Filter

Continuous, gastight, pressure filter. Ideally suited for medium to high solids concentrations, poor filtering materials, and high production rate applications.

View Details for TF012 with 0.12m2 of filter area (PDF)
Details for TF018 with 0.18m2  of filter area (PDF)


Fully automatic, gastight filter press. Designed for solvent wet or hazardous applications. CIP/SIP options available. Well suited for pharmaceutical and fine chemical batch processes. Pressures of up to 210 bar g ensures excellent dewatering.

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BHS vacuum belt filters

Continuous vacuum belt filter. Used for relatively high solids concentrations, medium to high production rates, and where excellent washing results are required. Gastight and polypropylene designs are available.

LBF Laboratory vacuum belt filter Rental System (PDF)
0.1 m² of filter area
BHS Vacuum belt filter-Dryer (PDF)
BF 2/1.5-KD (0.3 m² of filter area)
BF 2.5/2.4 vacuum belt filter (PDF)
BF 2.5/2.4 (0.6 m² of filter area)

BHS Pressure Plate Filter

Fully automatic, gastight polishing filter for low solids concentration applications. Offers very dry solids content on waste streams or secondary filtration applications. Features unique oscillatory solids discharge.

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BHS Candle Filters

Fully automatic, gastight lower cost polishing filter. Features BHS' "falling film filtration" technology for cake washing and heel filtration. Used mainly on waste stream applications.

BHS Pilot Model KF 3-1 (PDF)
1 m2 of filter area

The BHS Candle Filter provides for thin-cake pressure filtration, cake washing, drying, reslurry and automatic discharge as well as heel filtration in an enclosed, pressure vessel. Units are available up to 100m2 of filter area per vessel. read more... (PDF)

LKF Candle Filter Skid Rental System (PDF)
0.17 m2 of filter area

One candle with 0.17m2 of filter area, skid mounted unit indluding manual valves. Week to week rental unit. read more... (PDF)

BHS Pocket Leaf Filter

The BHS pocket-leaf filter is used to gather the basic filtration, washing and drying data in either onsite in your laboratory or at the BHS-Filtration facility. . Once these operations are optimized, the tests can be repeated with pilot-scale rental units.

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